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Tips to Help Ensure a Hassle-Free Home Inspection

Posted by Karen Kimi on Mar 3, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Time is valuable, whether you are waiting for your home to be inspected or if you are an inspector on the way to inspect a property. Here are a few tips to ensure that the home inspection process begins in a timely and smooth manner.

For you, the homeowner:

  1. Provide your agent with your best contact phone number as well as a secondary number, if possible. Your agent will provide your information to the inspector.
  2. Provide your agent with a properly-written property address, preferably provided in typed text, which is more easily readable, by your agent and the inspector.
  3. If possible, verify that your property address is present in navigation applications such as Google MapsBing Maps or Apple Maps. These apps are constantly updated, but you may need to take precautions with your agency and provide notes on how to get to your property if your home has been recently built or is in a rural location. GPS or mapping applications may not always have accurate driving directions.
  4. Provide your agent with information needed to access your property, if property is located in a gated community or has a gate restricting access.


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For you, the agent:

  1. Ensure that the insured/homeowner is informed and aware of the pending inspection.
  2. Confirm with the insured/homeowner that there are not any barriers to entry:
    • Gated Community - Is the home located in a gated community?
    • Gated Property - Is there a fence with a gate restricting access to the property?
    • Accessible Roads - Is the home located in a remote area? Does access require an off road vehicle? Has weather or natural disaster blocked access to the location? If so, please let the CIS Group customer service team know.  (add phone number)
  3. If the property is a remote location, difficult to locate, or has been recently built, please provide driving directions to CIS Group. GPS or mapping applications may not have accurate driving directions or be able to locate the property in these circumstances.


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For you, the inspector:

  1. Update your GPS at least once a month to ensure it captures driving direction updates for any new property developments.
  2. If you have a smart phone, you might want to install more than one navigation application.  Different apps will update their database for property locations and conditions with alerts for traffic, weather and construction sites, all of which can cause significant delays on your way to the property.
  3. On appointment based inspections, call your client prior to driving to the location to confirm the inspection appointment and to provide pointers such as what kind of car you drive and an approximate time of arrival. This provides a good introduction to the inspection, and remember to contact the client in the event of any kind of delay or setback.

A good first step sets a positive tone for everything you do, and finding the correct location is a major factor for a successful inspection. When a homeowner or tenant knows what to expect and an inspector knows where to go, both sides can look forward to a hassle-free inspection.

Want to know what is involved in completing an exterior inspection? Find out here.


Have a great day,


Karen Kimi and the CIS Group Customer Service Team

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