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Mobile Technology is a Game Changer

Posted by Chris Long on Apr 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the way companies conduct business. As a field based organization, CIS Group is taking full advantage of the gains in efficiency and quality achieved by mobile devices. With onboard GPS, high-resolution cameras, and high-speed internet access, today’s tablets and smart phones are the complete “tool bag” for field inspectors.


Across the country, CIS Group inspectors are completing surveys more efficiently on mobile devices. Gone are the days of printing paper forms; routing the inspections on bulky maps; translating handwritten notes; and locating photos. Today’s field inspector uses the tablet or smartphone as an all-encompassing inspection tool.

Key advantages of mobile technology:


  • Photo ID badge stored and visible on device
  • Professional look of tablet versus clipboard
  • Accessible agent & policy data
  • Real-time customer contacts and requirements


  • Onsite survey data upload
  • Integrated camera ensures correct photo upload
  • Live routing and mapping
  • Paperless forms
  • Real-time address and contact updates


  • Onsite photo and data quality validation
  • Customer guidelines and expectations always in hand
  • Real-time Quality Control support

While at the property, CIS Group field inspectors are uploading the photographs and submitting the survey results. Built-in quality validations ensure that the information needed to make the best underwriting decision is captured and delivered. No additional time is needed at home uploading photographs or inputting data. The results are delivered from the field immediately!


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CIS Group is very excited about the future of mobile technology. We look forward to advancing this technology even further to ensure the highest quality product is delivered One at a time, On time, Every time!


Chris Long
Vice President of National Accounts


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